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Steve Allan Paid For Reports by Climate Deniers and Skeptics

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Last week, the news emerged that Alberta public inquiry commissioner Steve Allan paid for reports by climate deniers and skeptics.

According to a Global News report, Allan shelled out $50,000 for a report by Energy in Depth, an arm of the Washington D.C.-based Independent Petroleum Association of America. He spent more than $6,000 for a report by University of Calgary professor Barry Cooper that compared environmental charities’ activity to “Marxism.” And he wasted $28,000 on a report claiming environmental groups use scare tactics to “further an agenda that has at its core the replacement of the post-enlightenment western industrial capitalist way of life.”

Ordinarily, this egregious misuse of resources would be surprising. When it comes to Kenney’s inquiry, however, commissioning reports by climate skeptics fits right into a track record of bias and unfairness.

Steve Allan

The inquiry has already dragged on for a year and a half and cost Albertans millions of dollars, all to sustain what is essentially a political witch hunt. The inquiry was never about uncovering facts. It was always aimed at distracting from the climate crisis, silencing those who speak out about climate change, and weakening opposition by draining charities of time and resources.

That’s why, next month, Ecojustice will be in court to challenge this unlawful process.

As Ecojustice gears up for this critical hearing, I’d (Devon Page) like to invite you to join an exclusive, online conversation about the Alberta public inquiry and Ecojustice’s fight to quash it.

On Feb. 4, one week before Ecojustice appears in court to challenge the inquiry, I will join my colleague David Khan, Ecojustice lawyer and the former leader of the Alberta Liberal Party, for an in-depth discussion on the public inquiry, moderated by Ecojustice lawyer Melissa Gorrie.

Together, we’ll talk about the significance of the inquiry – politically, legally, and for the environment. There will also be time for questions from the audience.

Sign up here to join Ecojustice’s webinar on the Alberta public inquiry on Feb. 4, 2021 at 2 p.m. PST | 3 p.m. MST | 5 p.m. EST.

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