Introducing Dive Bunnies – For All Ocean Lovers

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Dive Bunnies is a state of mind. 

First things first – Dive Bunnies is a bit of a misnomer. You don’t actually have to be a scuba diver to be a Dive Bunny but you do need to love the ocean (or sea, lake, loch, fjord) or any other sizeable body of water.

All we ask is that you’re friendly, supportive, fun and possess absolutely no ego.  

That said if you’re not a scuba diver, you may find the rest of us a bit boring. 

Created in 2012, (or 2013 – we’re a little hazy on that) Dive Bunnies was originally a small group of like-minded divers who always seemed to end up on the same scuba dives together.  Bonds grew, friendships developed and it soon became clear that those of us on a bunnies’ dive shared a certain mindset. Word spread and others asked to join us on a ‘Bunnies’ Dive’.

Originally these were girl-only scuba dives but boys who felt the same soon asked to join the gang. Dive Bunnies was up and running or should we say, diving!

We’re probably 90% girls now, but love boy bunnies joining us – we have no allegiance to any dive organization, we don’t push anything political (beyond conservation) and we don’t care what sex, race, age, colour or size you are. You’re either a Dive Bunny or you’re not.  It’s a state of mind.

We are passionate about the ocean.  We support Project Aware and Bite Back to help spread the word and make sure our oceans can be enjoyed by future generations of “Dive Bunnies” forever…..



As an organization we are based in the UK but dive across the globe – although mostly in the northern hemisphere. 

Dive Bunnies are Very Social

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Kathy is the owner of Kirk Scuba Gear, a passionate Scuba Diver, Ocean Advocate and Managing Editor of The Scuba News Canada

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