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Introducing, Waterlust: Eco-Responsible Apparel

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Waterlust is Advocate Apparel where fashion and science communication meet.

Our Advocate Apparel is a vibrant, environmentally responsible apparel that visually represents 15 (and growing) conservation topics, empowering you to use what you wear as a fun and functional science communication tool. For each design, we donate 10% of profits to leading research & education organizations and use their expert knowledge to guide behavioural change recommendations.

Waterlust began as an experimental project by ocean science graduate students at the University of Miami’s Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Unsatisfied with the conventional methods of sharing scientific findings with the world, our early days were spent learning how to use online media to engage the public with marine science in an entertaining, fun and informative way. 

Image courtesy of Waterlust

Media was a great start, and having people “like” and “share” our photos and videos across the interwebs inspired us to keep thinking outside the box. How could we bring science and a love for our watery world into more people’s lives? As much as our videos and photos were reaching millions of people, those digital interactions were fleeting and we knew we could do more.

We hypothesized that clothing could be a canvas on which we tell science’s stories and that every time you wear it, you’ll be a walking, talking advocate for the science it represents. We called the approach Advocate Apparel and overnight Waterlust evolved into a purpose-driven clothing brand.

We’re a small family-run business, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm and a love for hard work. Because we started from scratch, we’ve had to figure out first hand how to bootstrap and use teamwork to make the dream work. We wanted to introduce ourselves because if you ever reach out to us, one of us will respond.


Learn more at: https://waterlust.com


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