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Attention Scuba Videographers! How You Can Help The Ocean Watch

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Scuba4U TV is seeking short dive videos to contribute to a library for an initiative called “The Ocean Watch”.

The Ocean Watch purpose is to establish a comprehensive accessible library that tracks the health and state of the oceans from the diver’s point of view.

Sea to Sky

We are seeking submission of dive videos (from 1990-2020) to be cataloged year-by-year and destination-by-destination in order to create an archive of videos taken by the dive community.

Our intention in gathering these video records from individual divers around the world, is to provide a vital and valuable resource of information.

Liquid Diving

Access to these archival dive videos created by ‘in the water’ users allows our community and global citizens to monitor and witness the changes in the seas and oceans that have occurred over the last thirty years.

Come and be a part of this global initiative, checkout SCUBA4U TV click the link below.


Your video submissions should have been shot between 1990-2020, a maximum 5 minutes (minimum 720 DPI file formats: avi, wmv, mp4, mpg, mov, mpeg) and the content we are looking for is the marine environment only, no land or on board shots. We would like you to include with your submissions, the specific location, the date captured and your name so we can archive and sort accurately.

Once you have viewed SCUBA4U please “login” and “register”, we will then send you an email so you can create your own password and return to the site to login again and upload your video onto the system. There is no charge for this

Learn more at: http://www.scuba4u.ca/



About Author

​Scuba Diving became a major part of my life in 1988. I was born and raised in the prairies of Canada in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. With only mountain lakes as open water it has to be one of the strangest places on the planet to become a Scuba Diver. My introduction to recreational Scuba started at the University of Calgary in the Physical Education program. I was working towards a degree in Outdoor Pursuits and one of the courses being offered was the NASDS Scuba Diver Certification. As a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor at the U of C I thought this was a perfect fit. My first open water dives were on the West Coast of Canada on Galiano Island. The week long open water certification had me hooked on exploring the oceans of the world. It was at U of C where I furthered my scuba career and became a NAUI Instructor and then course director and took over the teaching program at the U of C campus recreation program. The one shared statement from students when asked why they wanted to learn scuba diving, was to go travel. It was with this motivation, that I partnered with one of the instructors I had trained and we formed the company called DaSilva Dive Tours. This led me to hosting many dive group trips around the world and where I started making videos for the customers. After 32 years I thought it was time to share some of the exciting adventures I had with great people in the oceans around the world. I have started Scuba4U TV as a streaming channel for all divers to share their adventures from around the world.

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