SHE is the Ocean

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SHE is the Ocean is a full-length documentary about great women. Russian SHE is the Ocean director, Inna Blokhina has chosen a number of women between the ages of 12 and 85 to create a cumulative mosaic portrait of women that devotes their lives to the ocean. The common thread is their engagement with the ocean and how it has shaped their lives and given them meaning beyond society’s normal boundaries.

A feminine personality has always been assigned throughout history to the Ocean’s boundless power and mysterious inspiration. The Ocean was always referred to by humanity as a “She”. Even the ships sailing in her waters are considered to have female energy. Could this be the greatest compliment to the female gender of mankind? She Is The Ocean becomes more than a mere documentary, it becomes an experience which, told in the own words of these great women, will hold the answers for all.

She is the Ocean

The Women

Keala Kennelly: WSL Barrel of the Year 2016 Pro Surfer & Winner

Andrea Moller: WSL “Women’s Best Performance 2016” Big Wave Surfer & Winner

Jeannie Chesser: The surfing icon and mother of Todd Chesser, the late legendary surfer

Coco Ho: Pro Hawaiian surfer and daughter of pro surfer Michael Ho

Cinta Hansel: A Balinese girl who works to realize her dream of pipeline surfing

Anna Bader: German High Diver and 7-time European Champion in cliff diving,

Rose Molina: Free-diver and dancer in ballet

Ocean Ramsey: Hawaiian shark conservationist and freediver

Dr Sylvia Earle: Marine biologist, explorer and the first female chief scientist of the U.S

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