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The Perseus Survivor…Dark Waters – A Film By Richie Kohler

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“Nothing Short of a Miracle”

The Perseus Survivor…Dark Waters, a film by Richie Kohler, an underwater explorer and filmmaker.

Richie Kohler, who has been diving and researching shipwrecks since 1980, is an American technical wreck diver and shipwreck historian. Kohler was one of the co-hosts of the television series Deep Sea Detectives on the History Channel alongside John Chatterton and is now a consultant on shipwreck and diving ventures for the film and television industry. Kohler lives in Sutton, Massachusetts. USA with his wife and two children.

Shipwrecks around the world have been explored by Kohler, including the SS Andrea Doria and the RMS Titanic. Diving from the Russian research vessel Keldysh, Kohler made several dives in the MIR submersibles to 3,786 metres (12,421 ft) to explore the wreck site of the Titanic.

The Perseus Survivor, Richie’s new film, tells the true story of the Perseus World War II submarine brought to light, countless tales of heroics, and the story of John Capes, the British Navy stoker, the sole survivor of the sunken Perseus submarine who hid from enemy forces 18 months before his rescue.

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