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As If They Were Angels

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AS IF THEY WERE ANGELS is airing at 7 pm on Remembrance Day, November 11, 2020. A tale of the grit and determination of sailors and rescuers alike told to all our veterans, on a day that we celebrate. In Canada only, on the CBC documentary channel.

This touching story of heroism is a tribute to those people from Newfoundland who risked their own lives in a raging winter storm to save American sailors from the USS Pollux and the USS Truxtun after both ships slammed into jagged rocks off Newfoundland’s south coast doing the second World War. Over 200 lives were lost, many of them young American crew members.

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With scenes of the 1988 reunion between the American survivors and the Newfoundland townspeople who rescued and cared for them, the movie hits a high emotional level. Peter Coyote narrates this incredible tale with a mixture of tender empathy and palpable astonishment. The film resonates today. In the making for thirty years, this demonstrates the very revelation of profound humanity.

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