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Sharktober, Dive In With Liz and Sylvia

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This is a month-long celebration of sharks, some of the ocean’s most beautiful, mysterious, misunderstood, and endangered species, and to the idea that we have the power to reverse the decline of these important species. Hosts Dr. Sylvia Earle and oceanographer Liz Taylor will talk about sharks and their role in the ocean’s natural order. Each town hall will be open to text and call-in questions for conversations with the hosts and guests. 

DIVE IN – SHARKTOBER Episode (October 15, 2020) – Shark Stewards’ David McGuire in a conversation with Sylvia and Liz, on his impassioned mission to save the shark species.

In a DIVE IN first, David McGuire, Founder and Director of Shark Stewards, will Zoom in for this episode from his expedition vessel. He is currently on a voyage in the high seas to study and film mako, blue and thresher sharks.

Shark Stewards is committed to the formation and protection of habitat and marine ecosystems under Marine Protected Areas from California to SE Asia. Furthermore, Shark Stewards are dedicated to saving sharks from extinction. They provide films and photographs to instill wonder and engage the public. They provide scientific research and data, and they work to increase marine protection.

David is a marine biologist, a National Geographic Explorer and a research associate at the California Academy of Sciences where he conducts shark studies and media production in the San Francisco Bay and in SE Asia. He and his team are constantly educating and inspiring the next generation, as well as partnering to create protected ocean habitats.

Please join us for this special SHARKTOBER edition of DIVE IN as Sylvia, Liz, and David narrate a pictorial journey of these truly wondrous and endangered creatures.

Join us for this inspiring session, in which the hosts will discuss their encounters with sharks and address what each of us can do, a bit at a time, to change the generational stewardship of sharks, the ocean, and the planet.


Hosted by: Dr Sylvia Earle and Liz Taylor

Dates: Thursdays (throughout October)

Time: 6 pm EST

Register Here: Sharktober


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