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Save Wolf Lake, A Unique and Irreplaceable Ecological Gem

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We should protect it, not destroy it! Some places are too special to be dug up.

Wolf Lake is a freshwater lake situated in the Canadian province of Ontario in the Sudbury District Census Division. The lake is situated in the Wolf Lake Forest Preserve, a protected area within the Chiniguchi River. With trees reported to be between 140 and 300 years old, the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve includes the world’s largest remaining old-growth red pine forest. The provincial government reaffirmed the protected status of the Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest Reserve in March 2012, but the mining leases in the region were renewed in late May as well.

Wolf Lake
Image credit: Green Party of Ontario

Conservative and Liberal governments promised to protect Wolf Lake, but then allowed mining exploration to continue for decades. Now Doug Ford is doing more of the same, putting this critically endangered forest at greater risk. Mining companies want to carve new scars into the heart of this provincial treasure.

Let’s make good on decades’ old promises and stop mining in Wolf Lake.

Learn More Wolfe Lake and Sign The Petition Here


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