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Introducing Caitlin McCall – The Eco-Conscious Diver

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Today’s featured diver is Caitlin McCall, the founder of Eco Conscious Diver whose passion for conservation and eco initiatives is clearly evident. Learn more about Caitlin, who would love to be a dolphin and dive with Will Smith (which are both admirable things to aim for ☺️) in our Featured Diver Interview.

Caitlin McCall

Full Name:   Caitlin McCall

Sea to Sky

Age:  30

Live In: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Working For: Founder of Eco-Conscious Diver (www.eco-consciousdiver.com)

Diver Qualifications: PADI Scuba Instructor, AAUS Scientific Diver

Caitlin McCall

The 12 Questions

When and where did you start diving?

I was 12 when I got certified at the Blue Hole in New Mexico. That was the nearest open water site to my hometown in West Texas.

Why did you start diving?

My Mom and Dad were already certified and my Dad wanted my brother and I to get certified so we could all dive together on vacations as a family.

What made you choose to become a dive professional?

I  was moving over to Australia, did some research to find that working as a dive professional would be a great option so I did my training before I left.

Which is your favourite dive site and why?

Honestly, probably anywhere along the Florida Reef tract. The reef has completely enchanted me and I don’t think I’ll ever l leave it again!

Caitlin McCall

What has been the most memorable dive of your life and why?

Flynn Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. My parents came to visit while I was living there and we dived the GBR together. It was such an incredible experience to share and I’ll cherish it forever.

If you would come back as a marine life form in your next life, what would that be?

DOLPHIN! I love how they are so playful and emotionally intelligent. They’re also huge show-offs! Haha

Who is your dream dive buddy?

Honestly, probably Will Smith! How can you not love that guy?!

What dive locations are on your dream “bucket list” and why?

Definitely Egypt and the Philippines. Experiencing new culture and world class diving, can’t beat it!

What is on your bedside table right now?

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. A gift from my Mom. A brilliantly written book!

What is your favourite piece of diving equipment and why?

Probably my split fins. They work very well for me and they make for some funny chat on dive boats – everyone has something to say about them! LOL

Caitlin McCall

If you were to launch a campaign to raise awareness on a specific issue that affects divers, the oceans or marine life, what issue would you target and why?

Definitely plastic. Our oceans are going to be completely filled with it before this century is up if companies and people don’t do something about it!

Where will you be in 10 years and what will you be doing?

I hope Eco-Conscious Diver will have expanded to include an Eco-Dive resort. That’s one of my longer term goals. As long as I’m still getting to enjoy the ocean in 10 years, rest assured, I’ll be just fine. 🙂

Learn more about Caitlin and Eco Conscious Diver at: www.eco-consciousdiver.com

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