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Marine Conservation Discounts Inside!

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Are you passionate about protecting the ocean?

Maybe you’d love to help the cause and learn more about marine conservation, but you’re not sure where to start and you’re really just beginning your journey…

Eco-Conscious Diver offers a unique opportunity to gain marine conservation certifications & certificates in self-paced, online courses from the comfort of your home.

Plus, you’ll be learning directly from Caitlin McCall! 💙

The best part? You’ll get lifetime access, so even if you can’t start it right now, you can get the discount and start later when you’re ready. 😁 

Keep scrolling for a unique coupon code just for readers of The Scuba News…


Use code ‘SCUBANEWS’ to get $200 OFF each course

Or $400 OFF our 3-course bundle!

Questions? Just email caitlin@eco-consciousdiver.com

I can’t wait to dive into marine conservation with you soon!

xx, Caitlin McCall 💙


Learn more at: https://www.eco-consciousdiver.com/online-learning


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About Author

Caitlin McCall is a Scuba Instructor, Scientific Diver, and Science Communications Specialist. She is also the Founder of Eco-Conscious Diver. Find her on Facebook/Instagram: @SeaCaitlinMcCall @EcoConsciousDiver

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Dive Curacao

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