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“Under Thin Ice” Wins Major Award

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“Under Thin Ice”, the documentary from explorers, Jill Heinerth and Mario Cyr, has won a significant award from the Canadian Cinematographers Society. DP Geoffroy Beauchemin won the Best Cinematography category award.

“Under Thin Ice”, shot in breathtaking 4K, takes viewers into an extraordinary underwater environment endangered by melting ice and rapid climate change.

Under Thin Ice

In the deep Arctic Ocean in Lancaster Sound in Nunavut, Canada, Jill and Mario dove with belugas and narwhals. They then travelled to Disko Bay in Greenland to explore the underside of icebergs and discover the luminescent algae planet. Back in the Naujaat region, in Canada, they swam with walruses and polar bears, the Arctic ‘s supreme predators.

Once there, Jill and Mario were confronted with an unexpected reality. The Arctic warms up very quickly, ice is melting and the animals aren’t where they used to be. Jill and Mario explain through their testimony, what causes the rapid melting of the ice and induces climate change. They also discuss the effect of these phenomena on Arctic ecosystems and the global implications.

We ‘re standing at a turning point in history, according to Jill. There are a lot of major challenges in our midst — climate change, conservation of water supplies, infectious disease and our planet’s carrying capacity. We have very short deadlines for solving many of these big problems.

Update: We received the following message from Jill

You can stream the film for free on CBC GEM in Canada and download the free app called “Discover the Arctic” on Android and Mac.

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