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Is this actually the end of Simply Scuba?

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Is this the first dive business to collapse due to COVID19, 2020?

Simply Scuba, is a scuba company based in Faversham Kent, UK. What started in a barn, 25 years ago as a small business has gone through “administration,” similar to North American bankruptcy protection.¬†

Sea to Sky

Simply Scuba developed into a global scuba store since 1995, that prided itself on selling quality items and offering their clients the right advice. Their shop has (as of this printing) a large variety of scuba gear on display, plus on-site access to all of their scuba collection, an inventory of over 9,000 single products.

Simply Scuba employs 32 people, has three offshoot companies; SimplySwim, SimplyHike and SimplyBeach, and won 10 years in the “Dive Retailer of the Year” lines. Simply Scuba has a major following on their YouTube Channel, with 63.8K subscribers and over 4,000 videos of scuba diving.

Liquid Diving

Whilst a new buyer is being sought, it could be difficult to find a new buyer in such uncertain financial times.



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