Online VHF Radio Course

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Are you stuck inside during Covid-19?

Do you love kayaking, yachting or powerboating and want to get ready to get on the water once “all this is over”?

One of the most useful tools while being on the water is a VHF radio.

To operate a VHF radio in Canada you are legally required to have an ROC (Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate).

During this pandemic we have received special permission from Canada Sail and Power Squadron to offer VHF courses and testing online.

We will offer an online seminar where we cover all the content of the course. In this course, we will teach you all there is to know about the use of VHF radios and marine safety procedures.

Testing will happen in one on one sessions.

Upon passing the test at the end of the course you will be issued the Restricted Operators Certificate (Maritime) ROC – M with DSC endorsement which is good for life.


The instructional portion of the course will be offered in one evening:

  • Tuesday, May 5 (6-9pm PDT)
  • Saturday, May 30 (3-6pm PDT)

The test will be conducted as 1:1 online meetings within 1-2 weeks of the instruction.


$169 (includes the book (sent by mail*), license & test fee, as well as the instruction)

Book your place online now at:

Presented by Jericho Beach Kayak Centre



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