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“Surviving” an April without diving…

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No diving allowed during Lock-down with what seems like endless days of calm, sunny weather! All the time in the world for non-essential businesses and their employees and no diving allowed…. How do we survive?

Well if you have any tips, then please send them our way. All the Crew are passionate about regular diving and doing what we can so you can enjoy the same. But no. It seems a deluge of restrictions (although highly important) have left us all in a state of disarray. 

Sea to Sky

OK, so maybe we do have some tips and ideas to tide us all over.

For starters, thanks to modern Knowledge Development you can still purchase eLearning courses to complete at home and in your own time. As a Special Offer during this exceptional situation that has come about… Here at NZ Sea Adventures in Wellington, you can purchase any or all of the core PADI eLearning Courses at the same price of just $199 each. That’s NZD too. As our physical shop is temporarily closed, these must be either purchased through our website or if you prefer, we can also accept bank deposit. Just email us your details and the course/s you would like to purchase, we’ll send you our bank details and email your eLearning redemption code/s. PADI eLearning Course Offer – Buy NOW!

Liquid Diving

Currently NO PREREQUISITES for Knowledge Development

Also as an added bonus, for those looking to really “cash-in” on the offer, for a limited time, PADI have also made a standards change. You can now purchase and complete the Knowledge Development for PADI courses no matter what your diver level!! We’re glad somebody has been thinking ahead. What this means is that if you have time on your hands and would like to complete the Knowledge Development for say, Advanced and Rescue, or maybe Rescue and Divemaster. You can purchase and complete both eLearning courses without the prerequisite scuba diving qualifications.

Your in-water sections still must be done in the correct order and Medical Requirements etc. met. What this means is that you can be set-up for more than one course when we get the OK again for in-water activities again. You will also save on the cost of eLearning courses with the offers available. HOWS THAT!

Your Dive Gear..

Sometimes neglected after a day or weekends diving. Your dive gear need’s care when not in use also. Good storage techniques to stop wear is important also. If your scuba diving or freediving equipment did not get a good clean before you put it away, pull it out and give it a good clean with fresh water to remove any salt buildup’s. 

Check your gear over while you have plenty of time also. Look for perished hoses on your regulators that may need replacing when we’re open again. Check your BCD and Fin straps/buckles and make sure they’re all working properly and in good condition. Is your dive tank due a test? You might need to allow time for this once our cylinder testing is available again. Other important things are your mask straps, knife straps etc. Anything can be on the verge of breaking and by checking you can be ahead of any problems.

Just by taking your time to have a slow look over your equipment while in the out-of-water mode can bring some things to light that you might not have noticed otherwise. If it needs service, repair or replacement, set it aside so you know and remember to sort it out once we’re able to help again.

Watch a Diving Movie or Scrub up on your old workbooks..

It will still not suffice the same as getting out for a dive or few, but a good SCUBA Diving, Freediving or Tech Diving movie can do wonders to pass the time. Books are a great way to imagine you’re part of some diving adventures. We’re in the digital age so not only movies can be watched online but also digital books of diving adventures are great too. I could put a recommended watching and reading list here but, well, truth be told, I’ve enjoyed every book and movie on diving, it’s all GREAT! Try an internet search, type in SCUBA story books or Tech Diver reading. Diving Movies… Your options are endless here.

Some people like to review their old work books during a down time. If you’ve not been diving for a bit or before a big trip or a follow-on course. Having already completed the course, you can browse through and review just what curbs your interest or if you prefer also, anything you think you should brush up on.

We hope some of these hint’s are helpful. Well done on staying safe and being kind everyone.

Learn more at: https://www.scubadiving.co.nz/



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New Zealand Sea Adventures was established in 1990 by Tony Howell in Titahi Bay. From that beginning the NZ Sea Adventures name grew and became the leading PADI scuba diving training facility in Wellington. On the 12th of October 2000 NZ Sea Adventures was awarded the Wellington Regions only PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre rating. After 14 years the NZSA shop was moved out to Kilbirnie where it remained for four years. In 2008 we moved back home to Mana in Porirua. Here we have continued training excellent Scuba Divers, supplying the best dive equipment available and much much more. Having our own on-site dive pool certainly helps.

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