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DEMA Publishes Most Recent Dive Consumer Survey Data

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In late 2022, DEMA launched the Diver Online Survey with the goal of updating diver behavioral and activity information of divers everywhere. DEMA and industry professionals asked diving customers both within the U.S. and internationally to participate.

More than 12,000 consumers responded to this survey, with about 6% coming from Canada, 56% from the U.S., and the remainder from countries across the globe.  The survey requests diving activity information from respondents through 2022 and is the first comprehensive diver behavioral survey following the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey specifically probed information about diving consumer behaviors and activities to help the diving industry understand more about these aspects of the recreational diver market. 

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Two data sets are available on DEMA.org

  1. An “All Countries” data set which includes 12,000 responses from divers who reside in many different countries around the world.
  2. A data set that includes responses from divers residing in the U.S. only. 

DEMA extends its thanks to the DEMA-Member companies who helped obtain participation by their customers in order to obtain this important information.  With an estimated 5 – 6 million active scuba divers worldwide, the large sample size is helpful in obtaining the clearest picture possible for the state of the market.

The reports are available free to all DEMA Members, and can be purchased by non-members for $119.00 each. Members can obtain their free report by logging into their account on DEMA.org and downloading the report found under the “Market Research & Insights” section of their DEMA Member Dashboard. Non-members can purchase their report for download here

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