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New Diving Era: The Hi-Tech Aquabreather Hydroid for Diving

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This is the new Aquabreather Hydroid. Rebreather? No. Scuba diving? Yeah, but not the way you’ve ever seen it!

The Hydroid aquabreather was unveiled at the 2019 DEMA exhibition. This was without a doubt the one scuba diving product which generated the most buzz.

Part HALO, part NASA, part Darth Vader, the Hydroid Aquabreather uses proprietary canisters of a chemical mixture that gives off oxygen once popped. This is then cycled by your mask, and you will be able to dive to a depth of 42 metres. (138 feet) and stay underwater for 1 hour.


The apparatus weighs just 4.5 kg and does not require installation or disassembly. You just need to add two regenerative disposable tubes, fill the tank with 40 litres of air using a manual high-pressure pump and you are ready to conquer the depths. The absence of bubbles during scuba diving, exceptional stamina, the highest degree of safety and superb comfort will delight you.

Aquabreather LLC is a technology company that developed a new form of Aquabreather underwater breathing apparatus and is now in manufacturing mode. Established in Russia, the company is headquartered in Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow.

Aquabreather is a team of inventors and pioneers in the underwater equipment market. The company’s goals are focused on the concept of a human discovering the underwater environment for relaxation and facilitation. We are keen to make your stay as open and comfortable as possible underwater.

This editor could not find any reviews on this product, with a price tag of $4k. The aquabreather was only available for Pre-Ordering from their site at time of this article.

Learn more at: http://aquabreather.com/en/about/aquabreather/


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