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Where To Cage Dive With Sharks

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Great white sharks are an apex predator, sitting at the top of the food chain and with only one known predator, the orca. They first appeared around 11 million years ago, grow up to 6 meters in length, and can weigh up to a huge 2 tonnes when fully grown. They are an imposing and fascinating fish to cage dive with.

There are five main destinations for cage diving with great white sharks, including the premier shark hotspot of Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe liveaboard diving offers cage diving with great white sharks in crystal clear and relatively warm waters, where divers can enjoy the sharks interacting with one another. Divers can spend many hours in the water with the sharks and can dive at depth or at the surface, depending on their experience level and preference. The Nautilus Explorer was custom built for divers to explore Guadalupe and even has a hot tub for divers to enjoy between their shark dives.

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The Neptune Islands in Australia is another popular destination for shark cage diving and rightly so. Liveaboard safaris at these islands provide the unique opportunity to dive with great white sharks from the ocean floor. Seeing these apex predators amongst the surrounding rocky environment, teeming with fish life, is truly unique and ideal for photographers looking to capture great white sharks in this unusual setting.

More information about the top places to cage dive with sharks, including with Galapagos, sandbar and tiger sharks, can be found in the full article Where to Cage Dive with Sharks


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