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Top Tips for Cage Diving with Sharks

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Shark cage diving is a great choice for shark fans and those wanting to learn more about the iconic great white shark. Cage diving is different to other types of scuba diving though and there are some extra considerations to take to get the most out of cage dives.

Top of our list is choosing the right exposure suit for the destination. Cage diving is relatively inactive and divers can get cold quickly in the cage. The right thickness wetsuit, plus using gloves and a hood, can help keep divers warm and allow for more time with the sharks. A thick rash vest can also add a layer of warmth for the core.

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Taking extra clothing for warmth and quick removal when sharks arrive is also a good idea. A woolly hat and windproof jacket over a wetsuit keep heat in whilst waiting for sharks to arrive, and can be removed quickly when it’s time to dive.

Shark cage diving is suitable for divers and non-divers alike. When choosing the right destination for cage diving, it is important to consider what type of air source and dive depth is right for the diver’s experience level. There are plenty of options available and divers may wish to choose a surface-based dive using breath-hold or hookah system, or perhaps a deep cage dive with open circuit scuba.

More information about cage safety procedures, how to encourage cautious sharks to come closer, and the best place to learn about shark behaviour can be found within the full article about Top Tips for Cage Diving with Sharks.


Learn more at: https://www.liveaboard.com/diving/scuba/top-tips-for-cage-diving-with-sharks




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