Coastal Steamer Jane Miller’s Discovery

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“This is the video of the Jane Miller shipwreck we found this summer in Colpoy’s Bay, Georgian Bay. Twenty-eight passengers and crew died when the Jane Miller sank about a mile from shore on November 25, 1881. I’m posting this on the 136th anniversary of its sinking. I only had time for one 25 minute dive on the wreck so there is still much to explore and photograph”. Ken Merryman

Jared Daniels, Jerry Eliason and Ken Merryman, American Shipwreck hunters made the discovery of the Jane Miller on July 27 2017.  They waited to reveal their find until the 136th anniversary of it’s sinking. The ship is mostly structurally intact after all these years.

The Jane Miller was carrying a heavy load when it sank. It was traveling from Owen Sound to Meaford with 25 people aboard,  which included passengers, crew and some shanty men.

“It is your wreck” (Canada) said Merryman. The shipwreck hunters had a permit to search and photograph the Jane Miller and have reported it to the Ontario Government.  The Ontario Marine History Committee wishes to protect the site, much like the SS Edmund Fitzgerald site has been.

Merryman, has been hunting for shipwrecks for over 40 years, and was excited to find this steamer after all these years.

Dive Details::

Depth: Slightly beyond recreational depth

Water Temperature: 61F deg at surface..51F deg at the bottom

Camera: The video was shot with a 13 year old Sony Z1 video camera in an Amphibico Phenom housing with a dome port.

Video: Ken Merryman On Vimeo




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