Wednesday Night and Local Diving Schedule for 2017: Dan’s Dive Shop

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Dan's Dive Shop

Image courtesy of Dan’s Dive Shop

The Scuba News Canada caught up with Dan’s Dive Shop Wednesday’s night dives schedule a little late this year. There are still lots more Wednesday’s available for dives this year.

  • September 13th Kings Bridge Park to Boat Launch
  • September 20th Boat Launch to Stanley Ave.
  • September 27th Navy Hall
  • October 4th Thompsons Hole *
  • October 11th International Train Bridge
  • October 18th Swing Bridge
  • October 25th Frenchman’s Creek
  • November 1st Navy Hall

Wednesdays require you to be on site by 6:30pm, gear up and dive in by 7pm, most dives are an hour in duration followed by a “Debriefing” at a local establishment.

A * Denotes Advanced Dive.  A ** Denotes Technical Dive. Charters have a Charter fee.

Gratuities for staff and boat personnel greatly appreciated.

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