Introducing The Saskatchewan Underwater Council

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The Saskatchewan Underwater Council exists to foster, promote, and create avenues and opportunities for all residents of Saskatchewan to be able to experience and appreciate the benefits and rewards of recreation through underwater activities.

The Saskatchewan Underwater Council promotes the benefits of recreation to youth groups and strengthening our strategic alliances with a new program call Dive Into Recreation.  With this program we intend to show the youth of our province a variety of new recreational activities that they can pursue that are Scuba or snorkel related water activities that are conducted in pools, as well as traditional snorkeling and scuba activities in lakes and local waters. These activities generate great interest in our organization, and give them something new and exciting to try.  The program involves going out to communities and offering them the opportunity to take part in these unique recreational activities that perhaps they could carry on later, on their own with minimal costs for them. By the Saskatchewan Underwater Council Inc. assisting them with the cost of the initial session they may generate enough interest to continue on later with their own program.

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