Stealth wetsuits for divers take off at DEMA 2016

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‘Reduce your electrical signal. Get closer’ is the fundamental aim of HECS stealth suits and the HECS website and Facebook page show just how close you can to get to marine life when wearing one of these incredible suits.

All living animals emit an electrical signal, which can be sensed by other marine animals such as sharks, rays, eels and crayfish. These innovative suits reduce the electrical signal emitted by the human body and were first designed to allow spear fishermen to get closer to their prey. I have been working with HECS and fellow biologist Forrest Gallante to develop these suits and we’ve just returned from showcasing them at DEMA 2016.

These suits are not just limited to use by spear fishermen and have been gaining attention for their potential use by divers, underwater cameramen, researchers, ecotourists and more. We have had some great interest from well-known companies such as Stuarts Cove shark dive and my dream is to get the HECS technology into ecotourism; to reduce our impact on the environment whilst providing a better experience for the tourists.

Check out HECS suits, available in a variety of thicknesses and colour schemes, here.



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Riley Elliott a.k.a ‘Shark Man’ is a passionate surfer, spear-fisherman, free-diver and scuba diver from New Zealand. Currently a PhD student at Auckland University, Riley has dedicated his skills and research to shark conservation, has appeared in numerous documentaries and encourages his audiences to embrace and conserve the natural world. Riley has worked with Ocean Ramsay to help end the Western Australia shark cull and is a modern-day ambassador who communicates and advocates science for all. An experienced public speaker, Riley had delivered engaging conservation messages to the media, local communities and at his TED X Talk in Auckland, 2014.

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