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Ocean Frontiers Expands Snorkel Adventures Ahead of High Season

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Cayman’s warm clear waters and vibrant reefs attract divers and snorkelers from around the world, and the number of visitors is expected to climb in 2017.With its spirit of adventure and a desire to offer new and exciting things to do, Ocean Frontiers has added a number of new snorkel trips to its schedule. Co-owner Steve Broadbelt says snorkeling has become so popular it’s a challenge to keep up with the demand, so to satisfy everyone’s quest for the ultimate snorkel adventure, they have expanded their snorkel trip choices and availability.


Sea to Sky

“We’re adding more boat trips and being more creative with our schedule,” said Broadbelt. “Demand for the Kittiwake Wreck is up, and because this is something families can do together as divers and snorkelers, we are adding a Tuesday trip.”

Partnered with the Compass Point Dive Resort, Ocean Frontiers offers a unique East End experience for both divers and snorkelers because of its untouched shallow reefs and dramatic drop-offs. Luxury condos, a fully operational dive shop and a restaurant on property, makes it an ideal East End resort for families who want to enjoy a watersports-focused vacation together.


Ocean Frontiers now operates seven different snorkel trips around Grand Cayman; East End, the North Sound and the Kittiwake Wreck, just off Seven Mile Beach. Steve Broadbelt says the most exciting new snorkel trip is the hour-long X Snorkel to a secret East End site. Described as a point-to-point trip, snorkelers are dropped off on a shallow reef and guided through a field of boulder corals. The coral heads are just below the surface, so snorkelers can see the reef up close. When the guided snorkel is over, the boat picks up guests at the spot where they ended the tour. Snorkelers maximize their time in the water and cover a good portion of the reef.

“This snorkel site is shallow and protected inside the lagoon so our snorkelers can enjoy fantastic reefs filled with marine life – they can expect to see nurse sharks, stingrays, lobsters and a lot of reef fish,” adds Broadbelt. “It’s a great experience for all ages.”


The Champagne Stingrays Snorkel is a great way to cap off a day in paradise. This one-stop snorkel trip departs at 4 pm and takes customers to the Sandbar in the North Sound where they snorkel with friendly Stingrays after most of the boat traffic is gone. On the way back to the dock, the Ocean Frontiers crew pops a bottle of bubbly for guests to enjoy while taking in a spectacular Cayman sunset.

Ocean Frontier’s Signature trips provide unique adventures for all experience levels with ultra-small groups and personal service.

Coral Reef Snorkel – East End – 3-Stop US$50
Explore the protected coral lagoon without another boat in sight. Great for families. 1:30pm on Mondays.

Shipwreck Snorkel – Kittiwake – 1-Stop US$50
Snorkel Cayman’s biggest shipwreck and artificial reef. 2:00pm on Tuesdays.

X-Snorkel – East End – Point-to-Point US$60
Snorkel an undisclosed location along the East End Barrier Reef for a one-of-a-kind experience. 1:30pm on Wednesdays.

Reef & Rays – North Sound – 2-Stop US$50
Visit the Stingrays then explore the coral reefs of Rum Point. Great for families. 9:30am on Thursdays and Fridays.

Champagne Stingrays – North Sound – 1-Stop US$60
Stingray encounter in the late afternoon sun, with a boat ride sipping bubbly while the sunsets. 4pm winter, 5pm summer on Thursdays.

Dawn Stingrays – North Sound – 1-Stop US$60
The ultimate Stingray experience, 90 minutes on the Sandbar, no crowds and lots of Stingrays. Sunrise on Fridays.

Visit our website for more snorkel tours. All of Ocean Frontier’s Snorkel Adventures include snorkel gear, and discounts are offered for children. Ocean Frontiers also offers private snorkel charters.


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