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Cylinder Testing Program – Correction to previously published article

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Cylinder Training Services put out a press release last week promoting our new Advanced Thread Inspection Program using the Visual Plus 3 Eddy Current testing instrument. Within that press release we incorrectly stated that the eddy current instrument we teach in the program is endorsed by Catalina Cylinders. This statement was not correct. We received correspondence from Catalina which stated “Catalina has not in any way endorsed Eddy Current testing…..” They also demanded that we don’t make any claims that use their name associated with the training program. We apologize greatly to Catalina for our erroneous statement. Catalina simply states on their website: “Catalina Cylinders believes that eddy current devices can be used effectively in conjunction with visual inspection, not as a replacement for visual inspection, in the inspection of the threads of 6061 aluminum alloy cylinders.”

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Advanced Thread Inspection Using Eddy Current Technology – corrected information:

Our Advanced Thread Inspection Program using Eddy Current instruments is designed to teach experienced inspectors how to locate problems with threads of high pressure cylinders during a visual inspection. The course covers different types of cracking including sustained load cracking and stress corrosion cracking. The course also reviews corrosion, sizing, inspection tools, markings and the proper use of the Advanced Inspection Technology (AIT) Visual Plus 3 eddy current testing instrument. This course, developed by Cylinder Training Services (CTS), is the only course endorsed by AIT.

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The AIT eddy current instrument can be used in many high pressure aluminum cylinders commonly manufactured using the 6061 alloy as well as the 6351 alloy. The course covers the instruments proper calibration, use and recording capabilities. At the conclusion of the course the attendees will be certified through the manufacturer (AIT) and through International Training Incorporated (ITI), a corporation using ISO standards and backed by an international insurance carrier.

The CTS Advanced Thread Inspection Program will be rolled out in November 2015 in Orlando, FL. Contact Cylinder Training Services to enroll in the class that will be held on Saturday, November 7th.

Learn more at: http://www.cylindertrainingservices.com



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