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Scuba Diving in the Seasons – Where and When to Go

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Torben Lonne

Torben Lonne

Exploring the underwater world is a way of life and not something that is enjoyed during just one season to an enthusiastic scuba diver.

Sea to Sky

When the summer ends instead of the usual routine of packing up your equipment why not check out a scuba diving vacation? There are many places out there in the world for great scuba diving all throughout the year.

Here I’ll give you some ideas as to what you need to know regarding locations that offer scuba diving no matter what time of year it is. It will help you plan a scuba diving holiday to take when others at home watch the snowflakes falling outside.


One of the great locations to dive in when the Western world turns a bit colder is Australia because the summer is just beginning there at this time.

The Great Barrier Reef is a truly amazing place and you will find lots to see and explore here. You will discover new marine life every time you dive. Also you will find helpful people who specialize in making your experience unique and exciting.

Australia should be one of your top picks for a winter scuba diving vacation.


Florida offers an awesome location for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving during the springtime. The water is warm enough to jump into and explore plus the scenery is absolutely amazing. And on land there is loads of entertainment to keep you busy while you are out of the water.

For the scuba divers, on the other hand, diving with the manatees is a memorable experience to have. It is a lifetime experience that you can have and enjoy with your scuba diving family.


One of the best summer locations to travel to is Cozumel, Mexico when you are looking to satisfy your scuba diving itch. The breath-taking reefs will truly blow your mind, being too good to be true.

Diving along with fish and observing the underwater world that is teeming with a life you never knew existed beneath the waters is fantastic. There are numerous resorts to stay in while you are there as well. You will be in comfort and style while scuba diving here in Cozumel, Mexico.


Costa Rica is a fabulous autumn world for scuba divers. This destination is one of a kind and so beautiful, offering scuba diving even into the later months of autumn.

Mesmerizing waterfalls will be your backdrop and the large sea turtles will be your companions while you are diving her in Costa Rica. Divemasters and Instructors are ready and willing to teach any beginners eager to get into the waters.

All year round

Scuba diving is a sport that can be enjoyed in every season of the year. There are places around the world all year round that provide unending possibilities for those looking to practice their favorite sport of diving.

Next time we’ll look at dive destinations that could be dived all year round. If you have suggestions to Summer, Autumn, Winter, spring or year round dive destinations leave them in the comments below.


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