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blue o two Project Shark

Diving tour operator blue o two are pleased to announce that resident marine biologist, Nikki Weeden, will be taking their ‘Project Shark’ itinerary to the action-packed Galapagos Islands in May 2015.

Following the success of ‘Project Shark’ in the Red Sea (led by Red Sea Sharks Trust founder, Dr. Elke Bojanowski) and in the Maldives (lead by Nikki Weeden), blue o two is excited to take launch the NEW ‘Project Shark: Galapagos‘ itinerary. Aiming to highlight the global issues facing sharks and other pelagics, Project Shark: Galapagos will provide informative briefs and educational dives to marine enthusiasts.

Project Shark: Galapagos will be run by blue o two’s resident marine biologist, Nikki Weeden. Nikki will conduct seminars giving divers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the biology and behaviour of sharks. In addition to expert seminars offering an insight into pelagics in the Galapagos, the Project Shark: Galapagos itinerary will also highlight efforts to increase awareness of globally endangered marine species and what divers can do to aid in their protection.

As the endangered species list around the globe continues to grow, it is vital for those who are actively interested in the preservation of our marine environments and inhabitants to be given an opportunity to learn about efforts to protect our marine species. The Project Shark: Galapagos itinerary allows divers the unique opportunity to encounter endangered species in their own environment, providing an unparalleled opportunity to study their natural behaviour and aid future conservation efforts in support of marine conservation project with the Galapagos Conservation Trust. Home to roughly 35 different species of shark as well as several species of ray, the Galapagos are the perfect location for a Project Shark itinerary. The added bonus is that divers will enjoy exciting diving with possible encounters with some of the largest pelagic animals on the planet!

“Millions of sharks are fished and finned every year and while Ecuador has measures in place to ban shark finning, unregulated, illegal and unreported fishing still happens in their waters. This makes it all the more important to help conservation efforts in any way we can. Project Shark will provide an insight into shark and ray biology, threats to their populations and what we can do to help towards protecting these key species. I’m a big believer that education is vital in conservation and the more we can understand about what is happening, the better prepared we will be to help,” Nikki said.

“Even just something as simple as taking a photo can be so important. There are many conservation organisations out there who use photographs as data for tracking movement, health and behaviour – all of which are fundamental in protecting our sharks and rays! I can’t wait to get out there with my camera – come and join me and help make a difference!” Nikki concluded.

The Project Shark: Galapagos itinerary will be taking place onboard blue o two’s newest collaboration with Worldwide Dive and Sail, the stunning M/V Galapagos Master. Attesting to blue o two’s commitment to preserving the marine environment and offering exciting and educational itineraries for everyone, the Project Shark: Galapagos trip taking place on from the 24th May – 5th June 2015 has been massively discounted: WAS £5,750, NOW ONLY £4,995 including flights! blue o two loyalty club members can enjoy any additional discounted price of £4,620!

Divers can secure their place on this fantastic conservational itinerary with a deposit of only 10%! To book your place onboard today, please contact the expert blue o two travel team on +44 (0)1752 480808 or visit



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