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“Pearl of Dubai” Habitat Tourism Solution to Gulf’s Dying Reefs

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Los Angeles-based Dynamic Reef developer, Reef Worlds, are designing world’s largest sustainable underwater tourism site in Dubai and others across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to a recent report in Abu Dhabi, “coral content in Arabian Gulf reefs has declined by up to 50 per cent, posing a threat to fish stocks and marine habitats.”

Sea to Sky

Reef Worlds underwater tourism design company has recently completed designing a completely revolutionary five acre tourism site that will allow select waterfront resort development partners the ability to create new habitat in the Gulf one iconic tourism site at a time.

The unique site is being designed to look like an ancient Lost City with special fish habitats built throughout. Reef Worlds entertainment team have designed for blockbuster movies like Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Liquid Diving

Once opened, the “Pearl of Dubai” will quickly become a focus for International dive/snorkel tourism and habitat creation in the region. It is estimated that globally resorts currently own over 200,000 square miles of unused or underused waterfront space and Reef Worlds are enhancing those spaces in a unique fashion.

“The UAE has a pressing tourism problem that we address,” says Dave Taylor, director of development for Reef Worlds. “When one considers Dubai and the region, scuba diving and underwater exploration is not on the Top Ten list, and yet it is almost everywhere else in the world.”

The company has plans to expand with waterfront resort developers from Dubai to the Philippines in places where tourism and regional habitat could use an immediate boost.

“The Reef Worlds brand is all about sustainability and the creation of new habitat while at the same time adding instant tourism revenue and excitement to waterfront resorts,” said Taylor.

“We will work with carefully selected resort partners on unique underwater habitat projects that directly support our clients’ sustainability and revenue goals,” Taylor added.

For the past 40 years resorts have considered little beyond the high tide mark. With the help of Reef Worlds design teams they are rediscovering acres of property, client engagement, and new sources of revenue.

About Reef Worlds

At the intersection of art, science, and the environment is Reef Worlds. When a unique team of film and television designers, dive site developers, and marine biologists got together they dreamt of a better way to experience the undersea realm. The result was Reef Worlds.

Visit their website www.reefworlds.com



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