Chaloklum Diving’s Boat is back on Koh Phangan

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Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan Dive Boat to Sail Rock

OK, it’s been a quiet island so we haven’t really missed it, but it still feels good to have our own diving boat back on the pier at Chaloklum. After the major refit last year there wasn’t too much to do; the front deck below where the anchor line is stored has been rebuilt and some wood has been replaced on the sides, which did not take so long, thankfully! And of course a few fresh coats of paint have a wonderful effect – all we need now is for some more divers and snorkellers to visit our peaceful island (in a thoroughly safe, peaceful country in case you didn’t know !).

It must also be said that the scuba diving and snorkelling conditions have not been special around Koh Phangan over the last few weeks, as a big storm has been blowing over on the West Coast of Thailand causing a nasty South westerly wind here. Good news is that it does seem to be dying down now, as per the predictions, and we’ve heard a first report of visibility improving at Sail Rock, although we’ll probably have to wait a little longer for Marine Park and Koh Tao dive sites to clear up.

Things should start to get more lively at the dive centre in any case with both Michi (your cat’s waiting for you, man!), Guy and Raluca due back before the end of the month – a good excuse for a party! And despite a lack of divers we are still a functioning diving school – a PADI EFR and Rescue Diver course on the go, an Advanced course in a day’s time, and a Discover Scuba Diving programme to start as soon as we say that conditions are acceptable…

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