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Scuba Advertising Gone Wrong!

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Advertising Gone Wrong

I wrote an article earlier this week about how wrong I consider the practice of touching, holding or grabbing the marine wildlife.  I put this practice down to a small number of uneducated divers but this photo shows that even so called “Scuba Professionals” are guilty of exactly the same.

Sea to Sky

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This is a screenshot taken from GroupOn this morning which shows a diving centre in Colorado (Abyss Scuba) promoting discounted open water courses, which is obviously fine, but look at the photo they have chosen to promote diving!

How can people who are new to the hobby of scuba diving be expected to understand the “Look But Don’t Touch” principles or learn about how fragile underwater ecosystems can be if this is the method of teaching being used or if this is being promoted as acceptable diver behaviour?

I am not going to continue this article as I am a professional and I think my level of anger could shine through if I continue to elaborate my point but with this photo you can certainly see the problem for yourselves.



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