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Introducing Divesangha – Surface Gear for Divers

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Divesangha is an exciting and bold new fashion, lifestyle and leisurewear clothing brand aimed at divers and sea enthusiasts around the globe.

Sea to Sky

DivesanghaDivesangha has been created to fulfil a gap in the sports lifestyle market. It provides comfortable, practical and fashionable surface wear for divers and sea enthusiasts to wear between dives, on holiday, at home or wherever they want to express their love for diving. Divesangha clothing provides comfort and practicality with a bold lifestyle statement.

Divesangha designers founded the company to solve the lack of leisurewear and lifestyle wear options for divers & dive enthusiasts when they are out of the water. Surfers, cyclists, runners, skaters, cyclists and even people who practise yoga, all have their own range of leisurewear brands catering to their comfort needs and allowing them to express their lifestyle to others. The choice for divers seems to be more limited. We all like to tell the world around us that we belong to a special group, and what’s more special than being a diver!

Liquid Diving

Divers are highly social creatures. Anyone who has witnessed a chance meeting between two people who discover their shared love for diving knows what we’re talking about. There might be a dive watch on show or a beach t-shirt but other than that, a diver has very little visible style or identity.

This is precisely the challenge that the Divesangha’s designers decided to take on when they set out to design “surface gear” for divers.

On their journey the first question our designers set out to answer was: “what kind of clothes would divers like to wear”, to which the answer was as simple as “let’s start with the basics, the black, the greys and the whites.” Dive wear should be practical and functional but also smart and fashionable.


It should be individualistic (every t-shirt is individually numbered), just slightly tekkie, timeless. It should also be grown-up casual wear, fun but still stylish.

Dive wear is aimed at individuals who like to travel and dive in style, young-ish and upwardly mobile individuals or slightly older, established professionals.

The second question was “what do divers need”. The answer was “something practical and cool” because we want to be ready for any adventure, from walking out to the dive centre in the morning to going out for a drink after a long day at sea. Our designers wanted to make a connection between the equipment worn by divers and the Divesangha lifestyle clothes – so they came up with black, matt, rubbery textures together with quick dry and water repellent material focusing on quality. Divers expect high quality when they buy their dive gear, so we should expect divers to demand quality when they buy their clothes too.

Divesangha also wanted to create clothing that appealed to men and women. Women, in particular, are not well catered for in the masculine world of diving. Divesangha is committed to filling that gap and make girl divers stand out and feel great. Although the attitude is slowly changing, it’s time to change the idea that there aren’t enough female divers for manufacturers to cater specifically to them.

Finally, our designers assessed the question “what would divers want to express” through their dive wear? Divesangha share the notion that divers are special people, united by their love for nature and adventure. The experience of diving can be profoundly life changing. It not only brings divers together, it turns them into great ambassadors. That’s how the name “Divesangha” came about.

The word “sangha” means “association” or “community” in Pali and Sanskrit, two of the most ancient languages on the planet. A sangha hints at something deeper than just a group of people having something in common, it expresses something of the unique and uniting harmony divers experience with nature in the marine environment.

The individuals that are part of the sangha of diving are kind of enlightened and with that enlightenment comes a sense of responsibility. The sea and its creatures are under constant threat every day and divers have the opportunity to stand up and raise awareness. And they often do.

Divesangha clothes feature the unique “Hung Dry™” system, which is currently being patented. Hung Dry™ is a simple system that allows clothes to be hung to dry or air on a rail or a line without the need for pegs and more importantly with no risk that the wind will blow them away. This is a problem faced by divers at sea, where it’s a struggle to keep clothes from becoming wet and damp.

Divesangha is more than just a cool lifestyle statement, it’s about an ethos, being part of a community and we hope it will raise the profile of scuba diving globally, making it even more accessible. Maybe that’s a bit too ambitious but at Divesangha we look at the bigger picture.

We are very proud to say that Divesangha products are exclusively designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. We focus on producing limited edition, quality, unique garments. That comes at a higher price, but we think when you wear our products you can see it’s worth the little bit extra to stand out from the crowd.

As a company Divesangha is committed to ethical manufacturing, ethical trading and to raising awareness of environmental issues relating to the sea and its creatures. It is also the company’s intention to sponsor and endorse projects related to such issues in the immediate future.

Our aim is to unite divers into a community of like-minded people, expressing their lifestyle through clothing and sharing the same love for the sea and its creatures.

You don’t need to be a diver to wear Divesangha clothing, but we think many people will want to wear our products to aspire to the same lifestyle and beliefs… and most importantly, look great in our clothes.

At the moment the Divesangha range is exclusively available online at www.divesangha.com.

Prices range from £50.00 for an original cut t-shirt to £120.00 for a sporty dress that girls can zip up like a wetsuit.

All orders come with a free dry bag and delivery within the UK is free.

Learn more at: www.divesangha.com




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Divesangha was founded by two designers divers, one Italian (Lucia) and one Brit (Tom), plus a nosy cat. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/divesangha/

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