DivesanghaDivesangha was founded by two designers divers, one Italian (Lucia) and one Brit (Tom), plus a nosy cat.

We stumbled upon an article on Diver back in the Summer of 2007 in which diving fashion was described as low-key and the journalist asked herself ‘why’. The most exciting new item of clothing she could mention was long sleeve t-shirts. She was not impressed. We were on a Red Sea liveaboard at the time and started to observe divers and their choice of clothing.

Let’s fast forward to New Years Eve 2009, this time it’s Tulamben in Bali. We meet a Belgian couple, two rather jaded dive instructors who seemed to have dived everywhere. During a casual conversation over a beer they suddenly say “Oh, we thought about launching a clothing range for divers but we gave up because divers don’t have good taste…”. Hey, wait a second, speak for yourself!

Is it true that divers have bad taste? Considering that only a handful of companies cater for them you can hardly agree. Divers don’t have bad taste, they just don’t have enough choice and what’s their style identity anyway?

So we thought let’s do it, let’s give it a try.

We come from the Italian school of design, where you’re taught that as a designer there’s no task you can’t face…from the spoon to the city. Design is almost a state of mind, it’s a way to solve problems, to identify areas that can be improved, to create opportunities.

Divesangha was pretty much born from our love for the sea & diving but it was our design attitude that made it all possible.

We observed divers, asked questions, researched the market, tested our first ideas and … struggled madly with production before we were able to launch.

Learn more at: http://www.divesangha.com

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