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Shearwater Research Announces Nitrox Recreational Mode

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Shearwater Petrel at The Scuba News

Shearwater Research is proud to announce their entry into the recreational dive market with the launch of the Nitrox Recreational Mode for the Petrel dive computer. With availability expected by the end of March 2014, the Nitrox Recreational Mode will be available free of charge, as a firmware update, on all Shearwater Petrels. This new Nitrox mode is clearer and easier to use than ever before. Perfect for Air and Nitrox diving, the new mode offers optional safety stops, obvious warnings and plenty of customization. When divers are ready to take their diving to the next level, the Petrel still has its industry leading Trimix and Rebreather modes.

Key Features of this new mode include:

  • Big, Clear Displays
  • Optional Safety Stops
  • Decompression when you need it
  • Configurable Bottom Row
  • No-Decompression Limit Planner
  • Simple Menu System

This new recreational mode simplifies the settings from the already popular technical dive modes, to allow for three (3) breathing gas mixtures (Air or Nitrox) and places a greater emphasis on the no decompression limits.  A bar graph display that turns from green to red as the diver approaches the no decompression limit, and a 3 minute countdown safety stop which starts when the diver goes shallower than 20 feet / 6 meters on the ascent.  If the Petrel goes into a mandatory decompression situation, the display turns red and displays, “DECO STOP” with the depth and time at that stop.

With the addition of this mode, users can simply change the settings from recreational to the technical diving modes which include Rebreathers and Open Circuit Trimix.  All of these options are included in the firmware update, and all of this is at no additional cost to the consumer.

About Shearwater Research:  From its beginnings in 2004 Shearwater Research Inc. has been fueled by the passion and vision of its CEO Bruce Partridge. Since that time, the team has evolved to include a talented and dedicated core of engineers and electronics specialists who also happen to be active divers.  Shearwater places great value in the work being done by the scientific community relating to diving and decompression theory.  It is common to find Shearwater representatives attending scientific symposiums and conferences around the world.  We support evidence based decision making and the organizations that provide that evidence.

For more information on the Nitrox Recreational Mode, visit our website http://www.shearwaterresearch.com


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