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Aqwary invites dive centers to experience the Subaquatic network during VIP divings

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Aqwary-Smart-Console1 at The Scuba NewsWith the Aqwary Smart Console it is now easier than ever for divers to connect, and share information about their air supply, location, and more ­ on a local subaquatic network. The underwater network is powered by ultrasonic sound, and supports up to 70 divers within 100 meters range. Aqwary Smart Console also comes with an app store that lets you choose from a variety of useful and fun dive applications. For example you can expand your smart console with a 3D compass, Map Viewer and a Buddy­watch. When you are out of the water the Smart Console connects over Wifi, allowing you to backup your dive data to the Aqwary Cloud.

Aqwary-Smart-Console1 at The Scuba News“We are initially focusing on dive centers who would like to monitor the status of a complete group. This will be especially useful during training and guiding, but as we add more apps the Smart Console will become increasingly useful for all recreational divers” says Anders Brodin founder of Aqwary and continues “We are currently in a hectic period of testing, product certification and setting up production. Early summer we expect to have a first batch 300 units to ship to Europe, but we are already accepting pre­orders on our web site”

Aqwary is currently inviting dive centers to experience the Subaquatic network during a VIP dive. If you have not yet registered your interest please do so at www.aqwary.com/dive­center

About Aqwary

We are a company based in Sweden, intent on making incredible diving experiences even better. We want to improve the way divers communicate, as well as actively support the diving community. Our first product, the Smart Console, enables divers to share information across their own local subaquatic network. We are teaming up with dive centers to make our innovation accessible to recreational divers across the world.

Learn more at: http://www.aqwary.com


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