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Petition to remove the current travel warnings for Dahab, South Sinai

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In recent years Egypt has undergone a period of unprecedented political and social turmoil with most events taking place in Cairo and Northern Sinai. Tourist areas have been largely unaffected and Dahab in particular has avoided any disturbances and remained peaceful throughout this period.

Recently the security status of South Sinai was downgraded to ‘essential travel only’ (UK Foreign Office) This change is effectively a ‘travel ban’ for those still wishing to come here as airlines are cancelling flights and most holiday insurance is rendered invalid.

We understand that there is a risk of terrorism, and that foreign offices have an obligation to protect their citizens; but this risk applies to all of Egypt and the rest of the World. Unless there has been a specific threat to Dahab, we propose that current travel warnings for Dahab are removed. At the very least, we ask those responsible to bear in mind the effect that the current security status will have on local communities and change their advice at soon as they deem the security situation to allow.

If the current status prevails it will lead to massive hardships for the local Bedouin and Egyptian population. There is also the irony that many of the ex-pats living here have been through two revolutions, a world recession and even bombings, only to have their livelihoods devastated by their own governments.

Sign the petition at: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-foreign-offices-who-have-travel-warnings-for-south-sinai-remove-the-current-travel-warnings-for-dahab-south-sinai


Source: Change.org


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