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Dive accident in Bali. Six divers still missing

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Yesterday I got word that six divers from another school here in Bali went missing during a dive.

The group, consisting of five students and two instructors, headed out to a dive site near Nusa Penida, an area where there’s frequently strong currents.

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The information wasn’t confirmed, but from reliable sources. I went all day yesterday hoping it was some sort of misunderstanding, or that the divers at least would be found unharmed.

Today I got news that the body of one diver had been found, but that it was seven divers in total missing, and six of them still haven’t been found.

This is really horrible news. Not just because it happened so close to me, but any news of missing divers really takes it’s toll on me. Diving has never been a completely safe sport, something everyone should be very aware of. During every dive you’re taking risks.

I was at that very same dive site the day before, drift diving. I’ve heard stories about how dangerous it can be if you’re not familiar with drifts and the dive site in general.

These news shocked the dive industry here in Bali. Seven divers. Six have yet to be found.

I can think of nothing worse.

My thoughts are with them, and their families.






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