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Featured Red Sea Wreck – The Laura Security

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The Laura Security at The Red Sea Wreck Project

The M/T Laura Security was built in 1956 as the 486 GRT. cargo ship Baltica

On 22 April 1983 the Laura Security was bound to Ras Shukhier from Suez with a cargo of fuel oil when she ran aground and was stranded off of Ras Shukhier. She was written off as a total constructive loss.

The Laura Security sits in shallow water close to Ras Shukier with her superstructure standing above the surface. Her main deck is at 6 meters complete with all of her deck equipment, hatches, handrails, winches, etc. Sections of hull plating have fallen away from the wreck making penetration into the foc’sle and engine room quite easy. The engine room is located at 8 meters where piping, valves, and gauges can be seen.

Learn more about the Laura Security at: http://dive.im/LauraSecurity


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