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Bare Generously Donates 65 Wetsuits to Coral Restoration Foundation

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Bare Wetsuits

CRF Intern, Adam Schneider, unpacks the 65 BARE wetsuits delivered to the CRF Education Center.

Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) has received a very generous donation of 65 wetsuits from the wetsuit and dive accessory manufacturer, BARE, a subsidiary of Huish Outdoors.  BARE is the first dive equipment manufacturer to support the restoration efforts of CRF.

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The wetsuits range in a variety of sizes and thickness, and were given to CRF as a contribution to staff and guests to carry out restoration work in the field.  The staff at CRF could not be more thrilled to enjoy this new gift. Founder and President, Ken Nedimyer says, “We’re really excited about the support we’ve recently received from BARE.  These wetsuits from BARE are top quality and will make our diving a lot more comfortable.   I’ll be thanking BARE every day I go diving.”

The restoration work of CRF is supported mainly through private donations, reef site sponsorships, and grant funding. “We’ve received support from a lot of different businesses and individuals, but this is the first donation we’ve received from the dive manufacturing industry,” says Nedimyer. CRF has documented large support from the aquarium hobbyist industry over the past years including sponsorships from companies like Boyd Enterprises, Piscine Energetics, Inc., World Pet Association and more.  BARE makes CRF History by becoming the first-ever dive company to donate to CRF.

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Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit conservation organization headquartered in Key Largo, Florida whose mission is to develop affordable, effective strategies for protecting and restoring coral reefs and to train and empower others to implement those strategies in their coastal communities, restoring and preserving these aquatic treasures for future generations. To learn more about CRF and their restoration efforts, visit www.coralrestoration.org.



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