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Diving Matrix offer £200 voucher towards any training course

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Diving Matrix at The Scuba NewsAdvanced diver training school Diving Matrix is offering a £200 voucher for any training course with them as part of the Scuba Santas 2013 raffle!

Diving Matrix is an Advanced Diver Training organisation operating throughout the world providing cave and technical diver training.

Their philosophy is to help you understand where you want to be and help get you there. They build upon skills you already possess and extend your abilities. Believing in positive learning and relaxing , nurturing style, but most of all fun!

Diving Matrix have an exciting year ahead where we are looking to offer something different! There are many diving locations in the world and they want to take you all somewhere different!
With that in mind, they have a range of new trips to Spain, Azores, Florida, France,Mexico and more.

Diving Matrix also fancy new unknown wrecks, new unknown caves, so they are going looking! They want to start you using the training you have been given. Those who want to train hard, let them give you the reason, targets and goals. Let Diving Matrix know your ideas and they can make them happen!

Diving Matrix is proud to support this worthy cause.

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Scuba Santas is an annual World record holding event held each year and organised by Lloyd Watkin and the DDRC.

The official website of scuba santas is http://www.scuba-santas.co.uk. The 7th annual event in 2013 will be held at the National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC), near Chepstow where we will hope to have a great, festive time and raise funds for the RNLI and the DDRC in the process.
Source: Scuba Santas


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