A Perfect Day Out – The Red Sea, Diving and Deep Dark – A Winning Combination

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Deep Dark at The Scuba News

Yesterday I got to spend a day on what is undoubtedly my favourite boat on the Red Sea at the moment, Deep Dark.

The day was a little bit different as it brought together 3 members of my family and introduced my younger brother to the world of scuba diving (which he did love by the way). It also allowed me to dive with my father which is not a regular, every day occurrence as he is an instructor at the opposite end of the spectrum to my kind of diving. His courses usually involve him going to 100m using rebreathers and Trimix, so it was nice to have him kit up with OC gear and play with us in the “shallows” 🙂

Deep Dark at The Scuba News

In addition to some great diving out of Hurghada, a day on Deep Dark always feels like you are out with family rather than a charter operator. Obviously yesterday I was actually out with family but I do love the family atmosphere I always feel on Deep Dark. Kylie and Giulio run a very special operation and I am proud to call them both friends. Giulio unfortunately was not with us yesterday as he is currently in England for the Birmingham Dive Show but no doubt I will be diving with him again very soon.

There have been some recent crew changes on Deep Dark since last time I was on board and they are certainly for the better. This means that the service just keeps improving more and more.

So a great day out with 2 great dives – not necessarily for what there was to see but for the company and some great Dive Buddies!

If you would like more information on Deep Dark then you can visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/deepdarksafari or you can learn more by visiting Undiscovered Holidays at: http://www.undiscovered-holidays.com/deepdark.php  I have even just noticed that I am in one of the photos on this page! 🙂 

OR you can always contact me and I will offer any help that I can!

Deep Dark at The Scuba News







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