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Corporate Executive Goes Off the Deep End as a Scuba Diving Entrepreneur

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Ron Kipp at The Scuba NewsRon Kipp was a rising star at IBM during the company’s heyday in the 1970s when he abruptly made a career change—he left the corporate world to own and operate a scuba diving business in the Cayman Islands. His story is a heartwarming and hilarious must-read, perfect for scuba diving enthusiasts and anyone who’s ever felt locked into a life that’s unfulfilling and longs to pursue their passion.

It was 1980 and Ron Kipp, a former Air Force officer who served in Vietnam, was living in suburban Ohio and working as a sales executive, quickly climbing the corporate ladder at IBM. It appeared he had “everything” but Ron felt restless and unhappy—until he risked it all to follow his dream of owning a scuba diving business in the Cayman Islands. Ron shares stories of the hilarious, epic fails and thrilling successes associated with his life-changing move to the tropics in his new book, From ‘Big Blue’ to the Deep Blue: How I Jumped Off the Corporate Ladder at IBM and Into My Dream of Owning a Cayman Islands Dive Center.

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Far from a cautionary tale of one man’s midlife crisis, the book is an inspiration to anyone who’s ever longed for a fresh start. It’s an especially important read for scuba diving enthusiasts, as Ron’s stories provide an intimate look at the dawning days of dive travel in the Caribbean.

The official book launch will take place during the DEMA show in Orlando, FL November 6-9, 2013 in the Cayman Islands Pavilion, Booth #1452.

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About Ron Kipp

As a young kid, Ron Kipp had a passion for model airplanes and wanted to grow up to be an Air Force fighter pilot. Unfortunately, while in the Air Force ROTC program at the University of Tulsa, Ron learned that he is colorblind. His colorblindness kept him on the ground as an Air Force supply officer instead of in the cockpit of a jet. After serving in Vietnam he was honorably discharged and landed a promising sales position in the office products division of “Big Blue” corporate giant, IBM.

Restless for adventure, Kipp learned to scuba dive in 1968 and soon became an instructor, training students and taking them on exotic dive trips. In 1980, on the eve of his 40th birthday, Ron became the new owner of Bob Soto’s Diving, Ltd., located on the island of Grand Cayman, which he operated for 23 years before selling it in 2001.

He currently owns a film production company, Caribbean Producer Services on Grand Cayman, where he lives with his wife Kathie Kipp and their two spoiled Bassett hounds.


Ron Kipp’s book, From ‘Big Blue’ to the Deep Blue: How I Jumped Off the Corporate Ladder at IBM and Into My Dream of Owning a Cayman Islands Dive Center retails for $29.95 and is available at select bookstores and dive centers in the United States and in the Cayman Islands and on Amazon.com. To learn more, visit  www.ronkipp.com.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Mr. Kipp, contact him by phoning 310.534.3157 (international calling rates do not apply) or 345.916.0102 (Cayman cell, international calling rates apply); e-mail ronkipp@candw.ky or visit www.ronkipp.com.



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Lee has been in the marketing industry for the last 15 years and now specializes in teaching marketing techniques to people in the scuba diving industry. He is founder of Dive Media Solutions which, in addition to providing complete marketing, media, communications and IT solutions exclusively for the scuba diving industry, also produces The Scuba News. You can connect with Lee via Twitter by following @DiveMedia

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