Used rEvo III Closed Circuit Rebreather For Sale

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Used rEvo For SaleAre you looking for a used rEvo? This great unit is now available for sale.

  • Standard Stainless Steel
  • Two new rEvodreams (latest version of the rEvo Dream P)
  • Twin HUDs
  • Shearwater Predator Divecan full rMS with removable boards and Shearwater via wet connectors
  • Offboard block with Manual Addition Valves (MAV) over the shoulder and rear man adds as well
  • 5 Cells
I’ve also fitted a new Solenoid with CMF and two new rMS boards.
This was my own unit and had some experimental stuff on it. It’s now back to standard fitted with all new.
For more information on this unit please don’t hesitate to contact me by CLICKING HERE



About Author

Simon is a highly experienced technical diver and rebreather instructor, teaching everything from entry level rebreather diving to 100m mixed gas CCR diving. He has been both diver and owner of many rebreather units including: AP Inspiration, AP Evolution, KISS, Sentinel, Megladon and he his now responsible for all UK rEvo Supply and Training having found what he considers to be the perfect rebreather in the rEvo. You can follow Simon on Facebook, on Twitter or by visiting the Tekdeep website.

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