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Brand New Website Devoted To The Wrecks of The Red Sea Launches Today

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The Red Sea Wreck Project at The Scuba News

Well it has taken quite a lot of work to get to this point but this is only the beginning. Today sees the “soft launch” of The Red Sea Wreck Project Website.

Sea to Sky

When I say that it is only the beginning, it really is. At the moment The Red Sea Wreck Project website contains all what is known about the various wrecks around the Red Sea (primarily Egypt). This information is what is currently available in the public domain, on the Internet and in various research books, but we have placed it all under one roof so to speak for you and we are currently listing what we know about 106 wrecks in the Egyptian Red Sea.


Liquid Diving

We Want More

Our aim at The Red Sea Wreck Project however is to “dig a little deeper”. We want to verify as much information on as many wrecks as possible. We know for example that some wrecks have their own folklore and local legend elements, particularly when it comes to the history of the vessels and how they came to rest on a sandy bottom of the Red Sea. We want to separate fact from fiction, delve into the details and remove the mythical elements that are attached to a lot of the wrecks we have listed.


We Want Even More Than That

We know that there are lots of shipwrecks around the Red Sea that have yet to be discovered. We know that some are just tales of wrecks and others we know roughly where they are but they are generally beyond the reach of recreational divers or local dive centres. Here at The Red Sea Wreck Project we are going to change all of that…we are going to research them, hunt for them, find them, photograph them and then tell you all about them!


No Tall Order

We know this is not all going to be easy. We know that we will probably experience more failures than successes but we are here for the long haul. This is not a project that will wither and die in 6 months. We are going to be updating and adding to this website for years to come!


You Can Help Us If You Like

If you have any photographs of any of the wrecks that you would like to donate to The Red Sea Wreck Project please feel free to send them to us. We will be happy to credit anyone who helps us build our content database and would love to have as many wreck loves as possible helping us.


We Are Pretty Social Too!

Yes, we are already on each of the major social networks so make sure you follow us (all the pages are new and we feel pretty lonely)!

Who Are We?

The team putting this project together are from various walks of life within the scuba diving industry. All done on a volunteer basis and all for the love of the wrecks! We have Technical Instructor, A Manufacturer, 2 Scuba Magazines and a website development company who specialises in working with diving centres (and who built this website).

Here they are!

If you would like any more information about The Red Sea Wreck Project or you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to talk to you.



About Author

The Red Sea Wreck Project is a non-profit venture whose aim is to research, search and catalogue the shipwrecks of the Red Sea. The project is a joint venture between – Tekdeep, rEvo Rebreathers, DiveMedia, The Scuba News and The Equalizer Magazine. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/the-red-sea-wreck-project/

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