Albatross Dive Charters Joins Facebook and Twitter

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Sailing and Diving Liveaboard

Sailing and Diving Liveaboard from Albatross Dive Charters

Lots of people join Facebook every day and lots of scuba diving businesses have a Facebook page, so you may be wondering why I am posting this as an article. After all, it is not exactly newsworthy is it?


The answer for this is simple – Albatross Dive Charters is owned and operated by Tim Monsul who is also one of our very own contributors so I thought I would give him a helping hand and raise awareness for his new social networking feeds.

You can “Like” the new Facebook page at and also follow the Twitter feed at


Albatross Dive Charters are unique in the diving industry and take the idea of a liveaboard trip to another level. Based in Greece, Albatross Dive Charters know that there is not only great diving around the Greek Islands but also that there is some amazing history on the islands themselves. It is with this in mind that Tim has pioneered the idea of Dive and Sail Trips that not only take you to the best dive sites but also sail you around the islands and let you visit some of the great historical sites that the islands have to offer.

Learn more about Dive and Sail Packages from Albatross Dive Charters at

You can also learn more about Tim and his contributions to The Scuba News at:







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