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Meet Daniel Redinger, PADI Speciality Instructor Working In Cozumel

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Daniel Redinger - Diver Profile at The Scuba NewsMeet today’s Featured Diver, Daniel Redinger. The 23 year old PADI Speciality Instructor from North Carolina, now working in Cozumel

Full Name: Daniel Redinger

Age: 23 (24 on May 23)

Sea to Sky

Live In: Cozumel

Working For: GoPro Cozumel

Diver Qualifications: PADI Specialty Instructor

When and where did you start diving?
I started diving in North Carolina back in 2011, affectionately known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. I wreck dove for the beginning of my scuba career.

Why did you start diving?
I started diving because I wanted to experience that which covered 70% of the Earth! On top of that, I wished to go into a coral reef conservation career and I figured I’d better get used to being in and amongst reefs underwater.

What made you choose to become a dive professional?
After I noticed the job market was saturated and I was not finding any luck with a job immediately after graduation from university, I decided to increase my chances of finding a job by becoming a PADI Divemaster. At this point in time I was already a Rescue Diver so I needed to go into a Divemaster Internship program somewhere in the world, and Cozumel was it! Once I knew the people who owned and worked with GoPro Cozumel, I figured to continue my career in scuba diving and become an instructor.

Which is your favourite dive site and why?
For North Carolina, the Hyde wreck which is located east of Wilmington, NC is an amazing wreck site with plenty of fishes, sharks, and the occasional ray! For Cozumel, my favorite dive site would have to be Palancar Caves. I believe there is nothing like the feeling of twisting and turning through reef formations and having every corner you turn hide something new and exciting!

What has been the most memorable dive of your life and why?
My most memorable dive as of now would have to be my most recent night dive on Paradise reef here in Cozumel. We were down for about 60 minutes and got to see some of the most amazing night life the oceans have to offer at shallow depths! During the night, Paradise reef is renamed into Octopus City due to all the octopus you can find there! On this particular dive we saw about 5 octopus, massive crabs, and swimming eel in the water column, and we swam for a bit with our lights cupped so we could see the bioluminescence!

If you would come back as a marine life form in your next life, what would that be?
Definitely a shark. Sharks are the apex predator of the seas, however they are also some of the most graceful creatures the world has ever known!

Who is your dream dive buddy?
Anyone and everyone. Just get me in the water!

What dive locations are on your dream “bucket list” and why?
Maldives, Mallorca, Greek Isles, Thailand, Micronesia, French Polynesian isles, Belize, Great Barrier Reef… Basically, any dive spot in the world, count me in.

What is on your bedside table right now?
My massive amount of dive slates I got from the IDC crew pack!

What is your favourite piece of diving equipment and why?
Definitely my regulator. It’s an Atomic Z2x regulator with a swivel head attachment. It allows my head to turn in any direction I want with no constriction. And every time I’m underwater, my head is definitely on a swivel so it helps that my air supply is the same!

If you were to launch a campaign to raise awareness on a specific issue that affects divers, the oceans or marine life, what issue would you target and why?
Coral reef conservation for sure. Coral reefs have been proven to be more diverse than tropical rainforests and provide more oxygen per square mile than any other system in the world. Not to mention the biodiversity is far greater as well! These structures and animals need to be protected and people need to be made aware of the destruction that is happening worldwide to these beautiful underwater creatures.

Where will you be in 10 years and what will you be doing?
Wherever my diving career takes me! Hopefully, I’ll be diving!

You can learn more about Daniel at his website by visiting www.redingerdiving.com


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