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Learn how Tekdeep/rEvo Rebreathers made a divers family very happy indeed!

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The Van of Dreams

The Tekdeep/rEvo Rebreathers Van of Dreams

If you have done any diving in the UK with Tekdeep, or you took part in the rEvo Rebreathers “Try Dive Tour” then you will have had the joy of experiencing the Van of Dreams. A former Customs and Excise Fuel Testing Unit that was adapted to become the perfect scuba diving vehicle complete with Wetroom and Classroom. Well this week the Van of Dreams found a new home but this is not the story of an ordinary vehicle sale.

Now it could be viewed that I am biased a little bit on this story as I am related to the team from Tekdeep, I work with rEvo Rebreathers and I have driven the Van of Dreams on many occasions, but I still think the story is worth sharing.

There was a lot of talk on the dive forums about the family of Steve “Chesh” Cheshire who sadly passed away in 2010 and following his passing his family was experiencing financial difficulties. As a result there have been quite a few fund raising initiatives by divers around the UK to aid the “Chesh Fund” and help a family in need.

It is at this point that Simon from Tekdeep decided to sell the Van of Dreams and given the nature of the Chesh Fund, took the decision to donate 50% of the sale proceeds to the family of Steve Cheshire.

It has been announced on the Tekeep and Van of Dreams Facebook pages this morning that a new owner for The Van of Dreams has been found and the sale proceeds transferred to Steve Cheshire’s family.

This is a great story of the scuba diving community coming together to help another divers family and certainly needs to be shared.

Learn more about Tekdeep at: http://www.tekdeep.com, rEvo Rebreathers at http://www.revo-rebreathers.co.uk and The Van of Dreams at http://www.facebook.com/VanofDreams 



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