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Scuba Features John Olivero

Introducing John Olivero, Professional Adventurer

Residing in Newfoundland, John Olivero is a professional adventurer, leading cultural history, diving and eco tourism trips that introduce visitors to outdoor adventures in Newfoundland. He is a diving instructor and cave diver, boat captain, expedition safety specialist, outdoor guide and cultural historian

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Ocean Quest Adventures 2017

Your trip to Newfoundland is no doubt a bucket list item, and you want to experience it all. Ocean Quest can help you check all those adventures off your list – our multiple days Adventure and Dive Combos lets you design the customized trip that is perfect for what you’re looking for!

Scuba Features 1929-tsunami-15-02-17

The Great Tsunami of 1929

Tsunamis are such uncommon events on the East Coast that the term itself is rarely used. Yet on November 18, 1929, the unthinkable occurred. A large scale earthquake rocked the eastern coast of North America at 5:00 p.m. In St. John’s, Newfoundland, although no serious damage was sustained, the quake shook buildings, broke dishes, and upset furniture. Most people did not know what and earthquake was and thought it was an explosion.

Scuba Features newfoundland-schooners-12-12-16-1

Newfoundland’s schooners: a story worth preserving

Schooners are defined as having two or more masts with triangular sails rigged fore-and-aft, or along the length of the ship, as opposed to the square type sails across the hull that were typical, for example, of the famous clipper ships. Schooners were more maneuverable and were often the workhorses of the sea wherever they were found, and Newfoundland was no exception 100 years and more ago..

Scuba Features bell-island-wrecks

War-time wrecks off Bell Island shore a fascinating dive

“Ladies and gentlemen we are going to need to circle for a few minutes until we can get clearance to land.” For many, this announcement would be a frustration, a sign you would be late. For me it was a chance to get a bird’s-eye view of the waters I would be submerging in the next morning. Looking down, I saw Bell Island and Little Bell Island. In the waters that surround these islands lie four wrecks steeped in history.

Scuba Features titanics-graveyard-1

The Titanic Connection to Newfoundland Canada

Since the phenomenon of the 1997 hit movie “Titanic” the world, or the western hemisphere at least, has been enthralled with Titanic trivia and still thirsts, seemingly at an ever-increasing rate, for facts about the great ship operated by the renown White Star Line.