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Ocean Quest Adventures 2017

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Your trip to Newfoundland is no doubt a bucket list item, and you want to experience it all. Ocean Quest can help you check all those adventures off your list – our multiple days Adventure and Dive Combos lets you design the customized trip that is perfect for what you’re looking for!

Feeling like having an enjoyable and relaxing few days of kayaking around the rustic Bell Island sea caves? Follow that up with some snorkeling that will give you a first-hand view of the vibrant marine life known to populate the areas around CBS and Petty Harbour.

Perhaps you are a diver and looking to spend some time exploring beneath the waves. We can show you some of our favourite dive locations; cold water flora and fauna, reefs, scallop diving, shipwrecks, icebergs, and abandoned mines.

The possibilities are up to you! To top it all off, you can end off each day of adventure staying in our cozy resort that will give you a chance to unwind, eat, and rest in the comfort and style that Newfoundland is known for.

Vacation Options

We offer some superb hands-on adventures that will offer up enthralling scenery and wildlife. Your hardest decision may very well be which adventures you want to complete!

Drinking an Iceberg

Drink an Iceberg. Photo Courtesy of Ocean Quest

  • Daily Snorkeling with Humpback Whales
  • Drink an Iceberg that has traveled from the far reaches of the arctic
  • Explore the mystical Sea Caves of Bell Island
  • Enjoy the serene Kayaking of Conception Bay
  • Ride the Ocean Waves and Picnic with Fossils
  • Sample local cuisine with A Culinary Adventure on ‘da Bay
  • Go Cod Fishing and catch your own meal for the night
Humpback Whales

Snorkeling with Humpbacks. Photo Courtesy of Ocean Quest

Diving Options

Choose any of four great wrecks for up to five days of diving (or all of them):

  • The PLM 27 A french vessel sunk by German U-boats, the PLM 27 offers over 400′ of diving pleasure
  • The SS Saganaga was another ship who fell victim to German U-boat attacks. This dive spot offers a mysterious twist… you’ll have to check it out yourself to find out what it is!
  • The SS Lord Strathcona Resting deeper on the ocean floor then the other wrecks, this wreck has remained out of reach of passing icebergs and flowing currents. This has made it one of the best-preserved wrecks around Bell Island
  • The SS Rosecastle is the crown jewel of the Bell Island wrecks. The largest, and deepest of all the wrecks, she has all her rigging intact and provides some stunning glimpses into the history of this vessel
  • Our Wreck-reation page should tell you everything else that you need to know about the shipwrecks of Bell Island!
Wreck Diving

Diving the four WWII shipwrecks of Bell Island. Photo Courtesy of Ocean Quest

Looking for something different then wreck dives? Switch it up with some of our other dive destinations!

  • Do some Shore Diving and immerse yourself in the spectacular ecosystem that characterizes Newfoundland. Now that we mention it, what a great opportunity to dive for scallops!
  • Bell Island Mine Diving – Dive the abandoned mines of Bell Island and explore history that hasn’t been unearthed in over 50 years


Our lodge is a self-catering, very comfortable place with two (2) of you in each room, lots of room for lounging, a large kitchen and two beautiful patios with one overlooking the ocean and the other with BBQ/outdoor dining.

This trip is scheduled on customer demand. Contact us for a schedule which meets your needs.

Learn more at: http://www.oceanquestadventures.com/


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