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VIDEO – Jellyfish Bloom

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At Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland, Jill Heinerth had the incredible opportunity to dive into a bloom of jellyfish. These organisms seem to thrive in the most challenging conditions, laughing at the very chaos we humans have brought on with global climate change. Jellyfish adapt and thrive in warming waters, as well as those with low oxygen content. They can literally clone themselves asexually, making millions of copies that form massive blooms like this one found in Newfoundland. They have been on our planet for millions of years and may even outlast humanity as they inherit the earth.

Underwater Footage: Jill Heinerth, Drone: Trevor Wallace

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Learn more at: http://www.intotheplanet.com/arctic/ 


Photo Credit: Into the Planet/Jill Heinerth

In March 2017, Jill Heinerth was presented with the Polar Medal by the Governor General of Canada at a ceremony in London, Ontario.  The Polar Medal celebrates Canada’s northern heritage and recognizes persons who render extraordinary services in the polar regions and in Canada’s North.  As an official honour created by the Crown, the Polar Medal is part of the Canadian Honours System.

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