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Tioman Island or Pulau Tioman, as it is known locally, lies off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Only 90 minutes by ferry from Mersing Jetty (RM35 per trip) stopping at 3-4 beachside villages along the way to Salang Village in the north, beautiful turquoise waters and sandy white beaches will greet you on arrival. Tioman has become a famous spot for tourists to explore scuba diving, snorkelling, and relaxing, offering sunsets to die for and hikes to tropical waterfalls. Asah waterfall is one of the biggest on the Island that is located approximately six km from Mukut village in the south. Each village has a smattering of local shops and restaurants featuring local cuisine for your taste buds delight and a souvenir or two.

A conservation virtual running event has captured the public’s attention and turned from a solo event into a global one, with runners around the world signing up to participate.

The phrase muck diving was coined by Bob Halstead when he described diving off black sand beaches in Papua New Guinea. This unusual type of diving has gained great popularity and involves diving sites with sandy or silty bottoms, in search of the critters found there. Some of the best sites for muck diving are volcanic areas and sea grass beds.